Sunday, September 25, 2011

Overtaken With The Love of Fall

I love Fall, have I told you that lately??

I love EVERYTHING it encapsulates; color, leaves, sun...then wind...then sun again, pumpkins, chocolate hazelnut cookies, sunflowers, the beginning of soup and stew season, homemade bread, apple candles, going home, pumpkin patches, building a scarecrow with all the funny old clothes mom won't let dad wear anymore..., my BIRTHDAY, wine crush, apple picking, football games in the cool night air, the need for cozy clothes, and LOTS of FAMILY MEMORIES!!!

It is a blustery kind of day here in Seattle. It is the kind of day where the weather can't make up its mind, one minute it is sunny, the next raining, the next blowing...or a combination of all three. This weather encourages me to, throw open the windows and doors, wash and air dry the sheets, and COOK!!!

The laundry is washed and blowing away outside. The boys and I just finished making Cowboy cookies, which are baking and filling our house with the wonderful smells of oatmeal, chocolate, and coconut. Up next, Barefoot Contessa's Chicken Pot Pie, a fall favorite for sure!! I am just hoping I don't loose the power before I finish making this glorious dinner...the lights have been flickering off an on all day.

Fall made an official peek into our life today, the normal routines were forced to hangout and wait, and the loveliness of the new season was embraced with all that an extra cup of coffee, a puffy vest, fresh cookies, and a pot pie can muster up! The pictures are just a peek into the season ahead and a few Fall escapes that look like just the kind of place to enjoy the crunchy, munchy, pitter-patter, wrapped in a scarf kind of lovin this new season brings.

Hope you had a great day!

If you haven't made BF Contessa's Chicken Pot Pie, you must make a date and indulge in this yummy perfection!

Photos:GapPhotos, Scandinavian Escape, Brandon Remler, Kim Michael, BlogsAway, NHViewfinders, ActiveRain, & Kim Michaels.

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24 Corners said...

It's so funny how Autumn has made such a distinct arrival, there's no denying what season it is any longer!
Have you unpacked your crown yet Miss. Queen of Fall? I do think it's time to start wearing it!
xo J~