Thursday, March 29, 2012

In Like A Lion, Out Like A Lamb...

Well, we will see if the old saying is accurate for our gloomy Seattle weather.

I am not holding my breath! We had a lovely weekend with sunshine, warmth, and lots was accomplished...but now we have once again embarked into rain as far as the weatherman can see!


King 5 Weather-

And to make the forecast even more of a bummer, we are headed into Spring Break week...waa,waa,waa...!

On a lighter note, I have a very pressing question to run by you all! Why do chickens stand in the rain?

The girls

Don't they know that it is wet, cold, and VERY miserable out there???
I must say that the blustery weather does bring about some really funny "chicken dos." Most of the time chickens feathers are soft, perfectly placed, and glistening in the sun. The rain brings about a whole new side to our chicken's already quirky personalities!


Let me introduce you...We have four lovely ladies: Sunny, Golden Nugget, Oscar, and Pa-Tasha...yes, we let the boys weigh in heavily in the naming of the chickens. ; ) Sunny and Nugget are both Buff Orpingtons and Oscar and Pa-Tasha are Black Star chickens.

Oscar-on the look out!

Nugget rules the roost, and is VERY bossy. She is also the most anxious, always pacing that one... Sunny has a pleasant and sweet disposition, she seems content to just go with the flow. Oscar is I think our favorite. She was kinda the "underdog" of the flock when arriving. We both have taken extra time to bond with her, and she is now the happiest and friendliest chicken of the group. She literally eats out of our hands and enjoys going on long worm hunts with the Hubbs. She also has taken on the role of flock protector. She sounds the alarm at the smallest sign of danger, change, and injustice...yes, injustice. She will let it be known if there is anything not quite up to her standards for the group. I never thought I could feel chastised from a chicken, but it has been known to happen a time or two. Pa-Tasha is the most reserved "wildflower" of a chicken I have ever met. She is very happy to be alone and just do her own thing. She tends to wander off, away from the group, consequentially she can run like the wind. I didn't know chickens could run, but I am here to tell you, she could win the 100 meter dash!

Pa-Tasha-on her own

They are quite the group, and we are daily enjoying the antics of chickens and their very human like personalities! And while I don't enjoy being in this lovely weather, they are currently singing in the rain! (No picture of Nugget, she wouldn't hold still long enough...)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Has Sprung...

It is officially SPRING!!!


The flowers

The colors

The changes in food

The smells

The newness of life

The reappearance of the sun on my back

The longer days

The crazy, violent, and sudden weather shifts


The four lovely ladies wandering around my yard, enjoying the plethora of long, juicy worms

Spring has sprung and so has my love for my chickens!!!

I have to admit it, I never saw it coming, but I totally, completely, apologetically LOVE them.

I will do the back post on how to came to be, but for now here is a pic or two of my lovelies!


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cooking for the Teachers

Is it ever too early to begin our Christmas gift list and shopping adventures?

Many of you are already worlds ahead of me in this department. I know, some of you... are so organized you are already buying for next Christmas during the "After Christmas Sales." I always kick myself as the holidays approach that I am not more organized in this area!

This Christmas I am planning at least one gift ahead of time. I know many of you already know the gift I am talking about, right? The always important, but always left to the very last minute...TEACHER GIFT!! Last year, just days before school was to be out, I received a text at 9:45 from my partner in this sister. I was already in bed, she was freaking out because she had forgotten the ever so important gift, and was on her way out to find something that would convey her gratitude in a classy and creative fashion. I calmly answered her text, but on the inside I too was freaking out that I had let this gift somehow slip off my list!! Now if you know my sister, you know she not only figured out a gift, but of course it turned out to be wickedly cool and totally classy too! She is amazing, I strive to be more like her everyday!

So my plan for this year, homemade Truffles for the Teacher, because there isn't a teacher I know who doesn't need chocolate. Teachers have one of the most rewarding jobs, but in return they give 150% of themselves to the job and your children! I think homemade chocolate is the least we can do!! The link above will shoot you to the recipe, and the good news, they are made with soy less fat! A guilt free gift for some very important & special people in our lives!

BTW, I did pull off gifts, for all four of my boys teachers last year, with flying colors. I made each of them a fresh evergreen table centerpiece. They smell and looked lovely, and I had so much fun making them! Each one was custom made for their specific holiday decorating style. If you live in the Seattle area, I would love to help you gift a special teacher or loved one in your life with an evergreen centerpiece! Give me a call, and check that gift off your list!

To help us all stay on track and organized, I have included this fun & free printable list! Simply print and let the planning begin. Don't forget to add those very important people who make our lives better each day: your child's teacher, your morning barista, the special gals/guys who help you maintain your beauty, your garbage man...yes I am serious, a pastor or youth leader, or your next door neighbor. Whether your list is big or small, I hope this printable list helps!

I will keep you posted on the truffles. I think the packaging will be fun to play around with, maybe even a trip to world market is in order... : )!

Happy list making!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Holiday Spirit

Now that Halloween is over we at, Premium Wreath & Design, are officially switching gears!

The holiday spirit is flowing, and we are SO excited about what is in store for this season!

The website has been updated and new services have been added to make this our most spectacular season yet!
Stop by and see how we can add sparkle to your holiday season!

Our wreaths and centerpieces make great gifts, or maybe you know someone who would love to have a design team make their home into the winter wonderland of their dreams!

Let the flocking fly, hang the lights, trim the tree, let us infuse your home with the spirit of Christmas...or at least the smell of cinnamon and pine!

We wish you a very happy beginning of the holiday season! May this season bring joy, laughter, friends, family, good food, and LOTS of holiday sparkle into your home!

Stop by and say HI to our design team at Premium Wreath & Design. We would love to hear from you! You can also visit us on Facebook!

All images from Pintrest

Monday, October 31, 2011

Rest Easy, We Have You Covered!

All the forces of good were gathered together on a chilly night in October!

The bad-ies didn't stand a chance, and neither did the stock piles of candy throughout the neighborhoods!

If there was trouble, we swooped in and saved the day!
All our muscle power was tested and pumped into a fine muscle power machine!

You have a trouble, worry, or care...give us a call, we have you covered!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Need A System!!!! And FAST!

I normally take great pride in keeping my house clutter free and about 90% organized!

I said 90% because, as my sister can attest to, I am great at the company dash and stash!! I hate having my house look messy when someone walks through the door! So, I dash around, stash the unsightly items in my closets...light a candle or two, and when the company walks through the door my house looks pulled together. So the extra 10%...the closets, they are always a work in progress!

This being said, I really do LOVE creating systems and organization throughout my house and life. I love a drawer organizer, adore hooks, have an obsessive amount of sticky notes, use lots of baskets and totes, and swoon over a system that WORKS. I love these things so much, my husband and I use to go on dates to Office Depot or Office Max. He would hand me a $20.00 and say, "Have Fun!" I loved choosing new office supplies or creating a new know, for that one drawer that was really bugging me!!! One day, during finals, He even surprised me with the NEW, extra large, bonus color, pack of Sharpies!!! I was thrilled! : ) So I am easy to please, what can I say!

This being said, you can only imagine how bothered I am by the mountains of papers currently sitting on my counter, table, desk, and even in a bag already stashed in my closet!!! Where are all these papers coming from, you ask? One word, KINDERGARTEN!!!!! And Pre-School isn't helping the matter either. I am literally drowning in cute, colored, wobbly lettered, crookedly cut and pasted papers. I love them, they are so cute, they completely represent where he is developmentally, and HE is so proud of them. I can't throw them away, at least not yet!

Ladies, I need help...try as I might, I can't seem to come up with a system that is working for me. I have tried a box/basket that they all go in, and every month we go through and pick his favorites to save. This is so time consuming! I have tried a binder, one for each kid...they are never big enough! I don't want stacks or trays where the general public can see...I am stuck! I need your help, I know you have or are currently walking through this yourselves, so...what is your solution? What kind of system do you have for sorting and filing all the lovelies from school? I NEED your help!!!

Remember I am drowning, so don't hesitate to put your two bits in!! : )

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Overtaken With The Love of Fall

I love Fall, have I told you that lately??

I love EVERYTHING it encapsulates; color, leaves, sun...then wind...then sun again, pumpkins, chocolate hazelnut cookies, sunflowers, the beginning of soup and stew season, homemade bread, apple candles, going home, pumpkin patches, building a scarecrow with all the funny old clothes mom won't let dad wear anymore..., my BIRTHDAY, wine crush, apple picking, football games in the cool night air, the need for cozy clothes, and LOTS of FAMILY MEMORIES!!!

It is a blustery kind of day here in Seattle. It is the kind of day where the weather can't make up its mind, one minute it is sunny, the next raining, the next blowing...or a combination of all three. This weather encourages me to, throw open the windows and doors, wash and air dry the sheets, and COOK!!!

The laundry is washed and blowing away outside. The boys and I just finished making Cowboy cookies, which are baking and filling our house with the wonderful smells of oatmeal, chocolate, and coconut. Up next, Barefoot Contessa's Chicken Pot Pie, a fall favorite for sure!! I am just hoping I don't loose the power before I finish making this glorious dinner...the lights have been flickering off an on all day.

Fall made an official peek into our life today, the normal routines were forced to hangout and wait, and the loveliness of the new season was embraced with all that an extra cup of coffee, a puffy vest, fresh cookies, and a pot pie can muster up! The pictures are just a peek into the season ahead and a few Fall escapes that look like just the kind of place to enjoy the crunchy, munchy, pitter-patter, wrapped in a scarf kind of lovin this new season brings.

Hope you had a great day!

If you haven't made BF Contessa's Chicken Pot Pie, you must make a date and indulge in this yummy perfection!

Photos:GapPhotos, Scandinavian Escape, Brandon Remler, Kim Michael, BlogsAway, NHViewfinders, ActiveRain, & Kim Michaels.