Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cooking for the Teachers

Is it ever too early to begin our Christmas gift list and shopping adventures?

Many of you are already worlds ahead of me in this department. I know, some of you... are so organized you are already buying for next Christmas during the "After Christmas Sales." I always kick myself as the holidays approach that I am not more organized in this area!

This Christmas I am planning at least one gift ahead of time. I know many of you already know the gift I am talking about, right? The always important, but always left to the very last minute...TEACHER GIFT!! Last year, just days before school was to be out, I received a text at 9:45 from my partner in this sister. I was already in bed, she was freaking out because she had forgotten the ever so important gift, and was on her way out to find something that would convey her gratitude in a classy and creative fashion. I calmly answered her text, but on the inside I too was freaking out that I had let this gift somehow slip off my list!! Now if you know my sister, you know she not only figured out a gift, but of course it turned out to be wickedly cool and totally classy too! She is amazing, I strive to be more like her everyday!

So my plan for this year, homemade Truffles for the Teacher, because there isn't a teacher I know who doesn't need chocolate. Teachers have one of the most rewarding jobs, but in return they give 150% of themselves to the job and your children! I think homemade chocolate is the least we can do!! The link above will shoot you to the recipe, and the good news, they are made with soy less fat! A guilt free gift for some very important & special people in our lives!

BTW, I did pull off gifts, for all four of my boys teachers last year, with flying colors. I made each of them a fresh evergreen table centerpiece. They smell and looked lovely, and I had so much fun making them! Each one was custom made for their specific holiday decorating style. If you live in the Seattle area, I would love to help you gift a special teacher or loved one in your life with an evergreen centerpiece! Give me a call, and check that gift off your list!

To help us all stay on track and organized, I have included this fun & free printable list! Simply print and let the planning begin. Don't forget to add those very important people who make our lives better each day: your child's teacher, your morning barista, the special gals/guys who help you maintain your beauty, your garbage man...yes I am serious, a pastor or youth leader, or your next door neighbor. Whether your list is big or small, I hope this printable list helps!

I will keep you posted on the truffles. I think the packaging will be fun to play around with, maybe even a trip to world market is in order... : )!

Happy list making!!


The Strongs said...

Love this post! I love the little gift box for the truffles. Thanks for the inspiration.

24 Corners said...

Love the list!! It will be a big help...and not only do all teachers need chocolate, but so do their mommies, have a few while you're confectioning!
Great ideas Em....
xo j~

MWM said...

This is so cute!!!!!!!
Here is a film that has something to do with first impressions!! Check it out!! You will have fun!!